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Greeting Cards featuring vegetables, fruit, the occasional piece of cake and laughter.  With over 40 designs with warm, useful, amusing greetings for all life's events and tricky situations.


Food is full of goodness; our world needs more goodness. Fun, difficult, tricky, warm, friendly, loving things need to be said, and we need to be nice to each other.


So, sayitwithvegetables.com was born to help you say the fun, difficult, tricky, warm, friendly, loving and amusing things that need to be said, with goodness at heart.


I paint the ideas in oils on canvas with the same care that I paint my fine art paintings. I write each card thoughtfully. The cards are printed by small, family businesses. 

It is a new design approach. Each card is nice enough to be framed as a print in a 5”x7” frame. 


SAVE ON CARDS - Have cards ready when you need them!


A single card is $4.00 but if you buy 6 cards at the same time the price is only $16.00. And if they are all shipped in one bundle, you will save $2.00 on shipping. (six cards, including shipping total price = $20)


If you want a bulk order of a particular card at an even larger discount, I can have the cards commercially printed on ordinary card stock. Email me for prices.


If you want me to sign, address, stamp and mail your card the additional cost is $1.00 – and I reduce the shipping cost by half (card, signed, addressed, stamped and mailed = $5.50)


To purchase cards email me: marcotteconsulting@gmail.com



About the artist


Sayitwithvegetables greeting cards are the brainchild of me, Michelle Marcotte, a Canadian-American painter, an artist, and foodie.  Ideas spring up from talking to family and friends, from life, from happy and sad events and in-between.