Michelle Marcotte - Art Resume


I studied art in Windsor, Ontario at Vincent Massey SS and, at the University of Windsor where I produced oil paintings, drawings and sculpture in bronze, plaster and fiber.


Believing, however, that art would not pay the bills, I spent the next 25 years working as a technical expert, eventually owning regulatory, agri-environmental consulting and medical editing companies in Canada and the United States. My work is quite diverse in the fields of food and agriculture, regulated fine chemicals, radiation processing, science and medical editing. During this time, my art studies were limited to just trying to see. I have travelled to, and worked in, over 40 countries, spending considerable time in museums and galleries in Paris, Vienna, China (Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu), Thailand, England, and several other countries. I have kept my eyes open.


Fifteen years ago, I was looking at the paintings of the Hapsburgs in Vienna and I thought that my middle-class Canadian family was just as interesting, and told the story of Canada as much as the Hapsburgs told the story of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. So, I started to paint again, diving right into oil portraiture.


In 2003 I moved from Ottawa Canada to Maryland to marry a delightful American. I became the Arts Curator of University United Methodist Church on the campus of the University of Maryland in College Park and founded the UUMC Visual Arts Guild. In 2011, we moved to Niagara Falls, Canada where I moved my passions for food and cooking into my paintings and began my transition to becoming a full-time artist.


We now live in Lewiston NY, wintering near Gainesville Florida. In these locations I have discovered plein-air painting, so I balance my time between in-studio with fresh food, and outdoors with fresh air.   

(Photo Credit Nathan Reade)


My art website is : michellemarcotte.com. Email me at marcotteconsulting@gmail.com


My line of useful and amusing greeting cards and gifts such as personal handpainted wine glasse is available from www.sayitwithvegetables.com


I am an exhibiting member of the Buffalo Society of Artists. 


I have made some paintings available for printing on FineArtAmerica.com, and you will find them under my name.


My consulting business website is : www.marcotteconsulting.com