Frequently asked questions

1. Shipping?: I will prepare your painting for shipping and send it by insured mail or courier, which will probably cost extra. 


2. Prints what are they?: Please check my blog. I have written a blog on the process used and how to decide whether you should buy a print or the original


3. Prints, can they be a different size? Yes, contact me with the size you would prefer and I will talk to my print technicians and give you a price so you can decide.


3. I have a favorite food/person/place, can you paint it for me? Yes. contact me and we'll talk.


4. What if I don't like the painting once I get it home? You can return it within 10 days of receiving it, at your expense. If the painting arrives here in the same condition that I sent it, I will refund your money.


5. When can I expect delivery after ordering?: Prints can take 2 weeks to complete, plus shipping. But, I have several prints on hand. Therefore, it could take 1-3 weeks.