Artist Statement Michelle Marcotte Visual Artist

I paint the most important things in life – people, food and the land that sustains us.


I paint people in defining spaces and moments: the 70-yr old man cutting a birthday cake, the girl in her prom dress, the boy on the cusp of manhood about to embark on a canoe trip, the eight year old who has just figured out who she is, the kid who will only make funny faces for the camera. 


I also sculpt the adventurous Gnomes from Canadian history, the Gnomes who visit me and other unusual characters who pop into my head. 


I do not see my food paintings as 'still life'. I see them as dinner - about the importance of preparing and eating a meal with family and friends, about the swirl of a lively kitchen and the goodness of wholesome ingredients. Food in the kitchen moves from hand to chopping board to table and the foods in my paintings might, bounce, fly or take a magic carpet ride over the fields. I figure out what I am going to cook, buy it, set it out, photograph it, paint it and then eat it. Some food paintings are symbolic because they also tell stories of where I am or who I am with.


The landscapes I paint are derivatives of reality; I paint landscapes in plein-air or from my own photographs.  I am not very interested in detail. I look at agricultural spaces from above, and wild landscapes that capture light, movement and color.