Artist Statement Michelle Marcotte Visual Artist



Michelle Marcotte – Artist’s Statement




I paint about family and life as revealed to us, and by us, by our homes and gardens and through the foods we prepare. These aspects and the work we do define us. Now, after years of difficulty and crisis, I have turned to the hope of spring and life, of harmonious colors, of growth, of gardens and beauty.




We have all spent more time at home these past two years and I hope learned how important our own living and working environments are to us. There is such a thing as beauty, and it is important. Color is important. Make your work environment as beautiful as your home, because it is important.




I recognize the world's challenges, its very real and damaging strife. The refusal of some people and countries to see truth and reason, may make beauty seem to be not important. But it is. The comfort of home is a treasure.  Family, however it is defined, is important.  Striving for the peace of home, writ small as an office, a house or a country, is important. This is what whole countries are fighting for.  A home or work environment should give you the strength to contribute to the betterment of the world, however you choose to do so.  




Michelle Marcotte – Art Resume


I studied art in Windsor, Ontario Canada as a child in odd places, a nun's drawing studio, the back of a hair salon, and then with the most dedicated high school teacher. At the University of Windsor, I produced paintings, drawings and sculpture.




 But, art was not my main area of study. After graduation, I took a different path and became a social scientist, and science manager. I consulted for companies and governments and have been lucky enough to have been able to contribute to international environmental improvements. I helped companies and governments contribute to the public good. A perhaps old-fashioned idea, but a good one, nevertheless. While doing so, I have travelled to, and worked in, over 40 countries, spending considerable time in the world's galleries.




In 2003 I moved from Ottawa Canada to Maryland, to marry an American scientist, becoming the Arts Curator of University United Methodist Church. In 2011, we moved to Niagara Falls, Canada where I transitioned towards becoming a full-time artist. We now live in Lewiston NY where I paint in my large studio because my home and my family is my strength. I believe the elements of family life, of the beauty and comfort of home and gardens, of the work I have done, define me. It comes out in my art.    




I am an exhibiting member of the Buffalo Society of Artists, The Buffalo - Niagara Art Association, and the Gainesville Florida Art Association. The Canada Council on the Arts has recently deemed me to be a professional Canadian artist.