About my painting processes

I worked over 35 yrs as a home economist, a food scientist, food and nutrition journalist, food stylist, and a food and agriculture regulatory affairs specialist. I still do those things, so painting food fresh and prepared really holds my heart.


Ideas come to me. I buy the food, prepare the food, style the food into a composition, photograph the food and then paint. (Also eat it.) It's a rather holistic process for me. I do not use someone else's food photography, but I will use someone else's food -- the bakeries and other sources of the food will be written on the document you will receive with the painting. Also if you have a restaurant or a special dish you create, I'm willing to paint your food on commission. 


The flowers I have painted are grown in my garden or nearby, often from the Niagara regions Ontario and New York State (people have great gardens here). I take photos of flowers wherever I see them, then use my photos in my own compositions. I do not use someone else's compositions.


The portraits I paint are usually from my own photographs or the photographs of the person who has comissioned me, or from their photos. But, I need several photographs to really understand the person and their coloring.


I use professional-quality oil paints, canvases, brushes and other materials. Afterwards, the painting is dried and cured for 5-7 months and then varnished. With care, my paintings will last for generations. 


I teach painting to beginners and intermediate painters, in Lewiston NY, in the spring, summer and autumn. In the winter, I paint in Gainesville Florida.