Oil painting Salvadore's Fish by Michelle Marcotte

Salvadore's Fish

This painting is based on a painting by Salvadore Dali (Fish in Red Bowl. The original is owned by the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Florida). I wanted to create a homage to Dali, part derivative and part my own creation. I commissioned a red bowl made by potter Allison LeBaron, worked with the fish monger at TOPS Supermarket in Lewiston NY to have suitable whole fish ordered in, set up the composition up in the supermarket cafe, then painted it quickly because soon the fish started to stink. The style is mine, the lower fish morphed into a portrait of Dali, the upper fish is his wife watching me sternly. Dali is holding a cherry in his mouth, the stem forming his mustache. If you look carefully at so many of Dali's paintings you will see that what might, at first glance, be thought of as dots, are in fact, cherries.  
16" x 16" (2" deep canvas) oil on canvas
F 69

$563.00 USD