Oil painting Ken and I picked cherries in early July by Michelle Marcotte

Ken and I picked cherries in early July

Ken and I have an excessively tall, very old, traditional, sweet, cherry tree on our property. It flowers every year, but quite early in the spring for Western NY. So, sometimes it doesn't set fruit because it -- and the bees needed to pollinate the flowers -- reacts poorly to low spring temperatures. This year our cherry harvest was exceptionally large and wonderful. Ken and I picked, Ken's friend John Ten Eyck picked and picked and there were still plenty of cherries left for the birds and squirrels.  Here we see Ken and I and part of our cherry harvest.  
11" x 14" x 1.5" Oil on Canvas, painted all around.

Exhibited at Buffalo Niagara Art Association fall 2020 exhibit at River Art Gallery

$378.00 USD