Anglican Ladies' Lunch by Michelle Marcotte

Anglican Ladies' Lunch

Here is my lunch as prepared by the ladies (and gents) of St. John Anglican church in Port Elgin Ontario. Rhubarb punch (secret recipe), pea-meal bacon sandwich on homemade cheese bread, cinnamon swirl cake with caramel icing. And the Pastor wished me a blessed day when I paid!  They served it on a blue plaid table cloth, but I changed it to a tartan that included the yellow electric wires coming from Bruce Power and the tablecloth melted into Lake Huron.  Yes, there does appear to be somewhat of a face on the bread. I swear on a stack of Bibles that I did not do that on purpose, that is just showed up. I did not even notice it until the next day. But, in keeping with the weird reports of seeing God or various Holy people on bread, in Cheese Whiz etc, I left it in. If God is present everywhere, then she was certainly present in the devotion of the Anglican Ladies who make lunch!
F 70

$378.00 USD