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Political Paintings

Tonight is the first national debate by Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. I have lived in two countries, worked in federal government, worked for industry, worked internationally, run small businesses, traveled and worked in over 40 countries. It is only in Third World or complete corrupt and dysfunctional countries where I have observed a government leader as inexperienced and unsuitable as Donald Trump. We Americans must seriously acknowledge the disaster he could cause environmentally, economically and internationally and ensure it doesn't happen by voting for the only candidate who can ensure stability and progress -- and that is Hillary Clinton. After having George W Bush we should know by now that the US can not afford to have a not-smart, not-informed, not-thinking, fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants President.   


A vote for anyone other than Clinton helps ensure a Trump presidency. And the other candidates appear just as ill-prepared, unready and unsteady as Trump.


These paintings reflect my growing unease through this election cycle. First, as the primaries were running, I painted "Shrimp and Grits and Serenity". It is a political and environmental statement, a reflection of the comforts of home, and also of 'home' being our world.  But, comfort food is not going to be enough to heal this country if Trump is elected. 


Second, while the national conventions were running, I painted "NY State Primary Election of 2016". It depicts the two candidates who were worthy of national attention and who offered real policy plans and programs: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. They are represented as roses, since that is the national flower of the US and the NY State flower. Hillary is the tall, strong, mature yellow rose; a yellow rose represents  joy, friendliness, and forgiveness. Socialism has traditionally been signified by a red rose, so the shorter red rose signifies Bernie. The two dill pickles at the bottom represent Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, the only two candidates who had any chance in the NY primary at that time. The other Republican candidates are stuck in the vinegar in the old-fashioned canning jar. This is set against a symbolic background of NY state, from the viewpoint of Lewiston NY, where I live. You will see the two Great Lakes, the Niagara River, Manhattan Island and Canada in red. 


Vote Smart!