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Come join my painting classes this summer in my studio in Lewiston. Whether you are a beginner or only wanting to paint with a group and needing just a few comments to set you on a better path or whether you are more advanced and need more critical comments, come and paint with me. Big, studio, lots of room and light. I will set up still life compositions for those who want it, or you can paint what you would like.


Special price this summer of $100 for 10 2 hr sessions and you can work around your vacation time (and mine). 


We will work in oils and if you don't have painting supplies I will supply them at $5 per painting session. 


If you prefer to work in acrylics, we can do that too, but I think you should try oils.


Contact me if you are interested for class times and to discuss. 

Michelle Marcotte


468 Fort Gray Dr. Lewiston NY.