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I am pleased to announce that I am now exhibiting and selling my paintings at Studio 176 Art, located at 176 N Christina in Sarnia Ontario (right down the street from the Alix). They have a selection of my paintings ranging in size from 24" x 30" to 4"x6" and priced from $400 - $55. There are many small, framed oil paintings and oil sketches suitable to make you think, and, actually, improve your life!! The small paintings are all framed and priced from $55 - $60, perfect for that special person - or yourself! They can fill that small wallspace or make a bookcase more interesting. Placed on your desk at work they give your eyes a rest. There are landscapes, florals, abstracts and, as always, lots of color to lift your spirit. 


Studio 176 Art is a bright spot, selling the works of local painters, photographers, textile artists, jewelers and potters. It is worth the drive to Sarnia and worth the detour if you are heading for the bridge to the US.