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I had fun reading How to Catch A Star on my youtube channel Great Books for Kids Reviewed by Michelle Marcotte.


This is the story of a boy who wanted a star of his very own. He imagined they would have so much fun together. But, first he had to find out when a star might be available. That took a while.


Then he tried everything he could think of to reach a star. He climbed a tree, he tried his spaceship but it was out of fuel, he tried to convince an uncooperative seagull to grab a star, and that didn’t work either. And yet he did not give up. Eventually he found a star in the ocean and waited patiently until he found one in the sand. Success!


This book is a lesson in trying and trying and working patiently to obtain something that you really, really want. The lesson is cleverly disguised in a imaginatively written, deeply colorfully illustrated book by Oliver Jeffers, who is both the writer and artist for this book.


I could be wrong, but I think children of any skin color might look at this book and see themselves himself. That is talented illustration.


This book is a wonderful bedtime story for kids age 2-6. Read it aloud then take a moment to ask your kid what they think about a boy who really wants a star of his very own.


Oliver Jeffers is originally from Belfast Ireland, but he now lives in Brooklyn New York.

You can buy this book from Harper Collins Children’s Books, or where ever fun kids books are sold.