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This is a book about inclusion, inspired by a sweet little girl who is a model and actress. Sophia Sanchez was adopted from the Ukraine, and she is also a child with Down Syndrome. She wants people to understand Down Syndrome, and understand that differences do not define us. She wants all children to celebrate their uniqueness.


And this goal is all wrapped up in a lovely, warm story of the life of a girl who wants everyone to understand, first of all, that each of us is unique and exactly right just as we are. She knows that this can be difficult. She has had difficulties too. Sometimes people have stared at her or thought she could not do something she wanted to do. But she encourages children to be good, brave and strong. She tells kids to let everyone see the real you.


t’s a powerful message for any child who is feeling different, or who wants to fit in.  It is a message that all kids need to hear. 


Books about kids with disabilities are not just for kids with disabilities. All kids will benefit from knowing more, being more comfortable with kids who look or speak or move differently than they do.


I think the ideal audience for this book is a child of 3-6 years old. It will be especially useful before a child starts school or day care where many other children will be present.


The book ends with helpful information for parents to help answer questions about Down Syndrome.


Margaret O’Hair is a writer and teacher in California. Sofia Cardosa is a Portuguese illustrator. Her art for this book is colorful, inclusive, active and happy. In fact, the overall impression of this book is happiness.


This book is available from Scholastic and anywhere happy books are sold. Please check out my youtube channel Great Books for Kids Reviewed by Michelle Marcotte