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Today on my youtube channel Great Books for Kids Reviewed by Michelle Marcotte, I am showing you one of my absolute favorite board books. It is Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld. I love it for the perfect cadence of the rhyming text, and the softest, sweet and deeply colored illustrations.


In this book we meet the hardworking construction truck team, so tired after their day’s work. There is the Crane Truck, the Cement Mixer, the Dump Truck, the Bulldozer and the Excavator. We learn the kinds of work they do at the construction site, and how they do it.


Each truck has its own personality and bedtime routine just like kids. Kids will enjoy learning that the cement mixer get a bath each night before bed. 


Then, with each page covered in glorious soft colors, painted in soft wax pastels, we see the sun set. The trucks finish their last chores and we see them tucked gently in rolling hills of dirt that will remind kids of soft pillows and blankets. Even the paper used by the illustrator Tom Lichetenheld was chosen with care to ensure he captured the night sky and the roughness of the sand and dirt in a construction site.  


This is a perfect, gentle bedtime story for girls or boys ages 2-5. Even children younger than 2 years old will appreciate this book because of the delightful illustrations and the soft cadence and rhythm of your voice as you read it. It is the perfect book to read quietly and slowly as you softly settle your child down after a long day just like the hard-working construction equipment.


It also is thanks to this book that my grandkids know the names of all the construction equipment they see.


Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site is published by Chronicle Books in San Francisco and can be purchased anywhere great books are sold.