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Loved it! A sprawling history of three families (of Irish, Mexican and Japanese origin) all gathered along the American River in California. Their lives intertwine in fun, sexy and damaging ways with intelligent writing, beautiful location description, characters you care about and a real understanding of the good, bad and ugly of the 1950's- 1960's (in the first book of the trilogy). Great insight into the lives and dedication of artists and musicians too. So terrific and griping that I nearly got sunburn reading it outside. I have now ordered the next two books. All available on Amazon where they are printed to order (nice looking books and a good font to read).


Ok, update I loved the second book too! 

Here's a review of the third book:


I am sad to have finished this book, the third in this most wonderful series. But happy that all ended well for these characters that are so real and engaging. The author helpfully includes a list of all the music discussed in the book and we are working our way through the list. What breadth of knowledge the author has in remembering the events of the tumultuous 1960's through to the mid 1970's. All the details were perfect, food, clothes and society issues. A marvelous set of three excellent books. Should be a Netflix series.