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The McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg has pulled together a terrific juxtaposition of nature art with its Group of Seven works, and photos by Ansel Adams and Edward Burtynsky. While I think that the Group of Seven works (and contemporaries) as a whole will never be met or matched when it comes to allowing us to see Ontario (mostly), the works of Burtynsky in particular show us a very odd beauty, that of oil spills, tire fires, mines and swamps. Really, the works are beautiful, the landscapes shown are beautiful and Burtynsky's phtographic and print methods leave one awestruck by his ability to make such landscapes beautiful. Adams photos of Western US (mostly) and Canada are nice, but seem small and dull when placed in the warmth radiating from the walls and windows of the McMichael, and in the context of the color of the Canadians. All of them. Considering that we spend much of our time covered in white, we are a colorful people.  


Then, we drove to little Callander Ontario, on Lake Nippissing, where such a lovely small local art gallery is located. Showing the works of about 12 artists (watercolors, acrylics, some oils, some giclees, woodturning), and also running art classes, workshops and painting parties. What a whirlwind of art activity in a small town with Solomons at its center. Very nice to see and very nice to be part of.