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I am organizing several Lewiston NY artists to hold an Outdoor Studio Tour on August 8th (rain date August 9th), 2020. This year so many art festivals have been cancelled with the result that artists have very few exhibit opportunities and the public must be art starved! 


And,,,, I really prefer showing my work at my home anyway!


There will be 9-11 artists involved, safely spread out around Lewiston NY village and Lewiston NY town. And their exhibits will allow you to socially distance while seeing the art.


You can have a great day driving or biking around Lewiston NY, easily see all or some of the artists, catch a great meal at one of the many great restaurants in the Lewiston NY area, and have fun seeing and hopefully buying something interersting, exciting, heartwarming, intriguing.... etc.


Our Facebook page is River Region Artists' Studio Tour and Art Walk. We will soon be populating it with artists profiles and addresses. But once you go to one artist they will  have the list of other artists.


Please pay us a visit.  



Michelle Marcott