I'll be exhibiting and selling my work at the Art by the Lighthouse juried show at the Pumphouse Art Gallery in Niagara on the Lake Aug 3 & 4 from 10:00 - 5:00 each day.


It will be my biggest show ever with over 15 paintings offered for sale. Stop by and say hello.

The McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg has pulled together a terrific juxtaposition of nature art with its Group of Seven works, and photos by Ansel Adams and Edward Burtynsky. While I think that the Group of Seven works (and contemporaries) as a whole will never be met or matched when it comes to allowing us to see Ontario (mostly), the works of Burtynsky in particular show us a very odd beauty, that of oil spills, tire fires, mines and swamps. Really, the works are beautiful, the landscapes shown are beautiful and Burtynsky's phtographic and print methods leave one awestruck by his ability to make such landscapes beautiful. Adams photos of Western US (mostly) and Canada are nice, but seem small and dull when placed in the warmth radiating from the walls and windows of the McMichael, and in the context of the color of the Canadians. All of them. Considering that we spend much of our time covered in white, we are a colorful people.  


Then, we drove to little Callander Ontario, on Lake Nippissing, where such a lovely small local art gallery is located. Showing the works of about 12 artists (watercolors, acrylics, some oils, some giclees, woodturning), and also running art classes, workshops and painting parties. What a whirlwind of art activity in a small town with Solomons at its center. Very nice to see and very nice to be part of.


This week Ken and I will load up the Outback and take a road trip. First stop the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg Ontario to get us ready for the real landscapes we will see on our next stop.


The next stop is the big news - Solomon's Art Gallery in Callandar Ontario will be showing and selling my work! I'm bringing them my fresh, hot off the brush, Giclee Originals  -- my paintings, printed on canvas, then painted again, then varnised --- so each painting is an original. I'm bringing some small oil originals too.


Callandar is on lovely Lake Nippissing just around the corner from North Bay. I am very happy to be associated with Solomons Gallery as one of their 12 artist-members.



I'm working in Bangkok this week; I think this is my 5th visit here to work and travel. At this time of year, it rains most afternoons, sometimes furiously, and sometimes lightly, so the sky ranges from grey to sun (filtered by the smog and pollution here). What I love at this time of year are the flowering trees. From the UN building I look out over green trees lining the canals and many of those trees are butea frondosa known as flame tree of the forest. Artfully and generously arranged boughs of brilliant scarlet flowers show against the sky on these very tall trees. Lower, the deep green leaves of the wonderfully knotted plumeria trees shows the classic and elegant white flower which is incorporated in art all over Asia and Asia Pacific region.    

Here in Niagara Falls, the linden and lilac are fading, but the roses are blooming brilliantly. Three rose bushes in my front yard and four in my back and all are ablaze with color. The people down the street have yellow, pink and white roses, but mine are alizarine and merlot! I've nearly completed an abstract version which should be posted next week.

I lauched michellemarcotte on June 4th, with the announcment that I have given birth to a new baby -- this website. I received terrific and welcoming comments from so many people, and thank you so much for the encouragement. I would appreciate your referrals. Pass my name and website to friends, relatives, co-workers, bosses, and anyone you meet!

Wendy Bering ( and I braved the wind to exhibit and paint at Springlicous on Queen St in Niagara Falls this weekend. We made some good connections with several prospective buyers and one gallery owner. And inspite of it all, I managed to begin and nearly complete a painting called 'Strawberry-Rhubarb Pi" (in the mathematical sense!). Thanks to Geny Heywood of Niagara Arts and Crafts Exhibit on Queen Street for hosting us during the festival.




Some of my paintings can be made available as Giclee Originals, archival prints on canvas that are then overpainted and then varnished. I have only copied those few paintings that I think might sell as giclees or where I can not bear to part with the original. 

Mt giclees are made by a family company of truely skilled technicians, with a heap of expensive photo and printing equipment,  in Niagara Falls Ontario. (Thank you Aztek!)

The painting is photographed and translated to a carefully color matched electronic copy (this is where you really appreciate the skill of the Aztek technicians).  A proof is prepared which I review to make sure the resulting print is excellent.

Then the painting is printed onto canvas, and overlaid with sealers to ensure it is impervious to UV light, water or other forms of light and chemical damage. The canvas is wrapped on gallery quality strechers. I sign and write notes on the back.

Then, I do something a bit different. I overpaint on the giclee with acrylic paints, highlighting color, lights, darks and making each giclee an original on its own in a small way. I then apply varnish over it all for longevity. 

Archival quality prints are advantageous in that they can better withstand the rigours of hanging in a kitchen, dining area or commercial establishment. They will withstand sunlight better than an original oil or acrylic painting. Archival prints are not inexpensive, but they can be sold for less than an original. 

Prints can be made larger or smaller than the original painting. If you would like to change the size of a print, contact me for pricing.  

Choose a print if you like to change your decor ocassionally and don't want to invest in an original. Choose a print if you will hang this painting in the sunlight or where people or food might touch it.

Choose an original if you want a investment quality artworks, and to ensure you receive the original, fully textured work.