I'll be exhibiting original paintings, large and small, priced from $40 - $1000.00 at this large and terrific art festival in the lovely and friendly village of Lewiston NY. Saturday Aug 8 and Sunday Aug 9th


My booth will be set up in front of Toscana spa, on Center St. Come by and see me, talk about my work and think about buying a painting to enjoy for the rest of your life! 


And, as an added bonus, my husband Ken Vick will offer for sale a hand sculpted majohogany rocking chair. This chair, named 'Patience', will give you peace, contemplation and important thoughts.  

Lori Caso, the host of Lori and Friends cooking and local info show invited me to highlight my food paintings and cook with her this week. The show will be aired on the local cable access in Lewiston-Lockport NY channel 20, three times a week in June and July.


I wanted to bring my painting about making asparagus and Hollandaise (or Bearnaise), so I tested a blender Hollandaise and wrote an efficient step by step method, so easy and efficient that even a beginnger can make Eggs Benedict with Asparagus for Four Persons in under an hour. Making Blender Hollandaise this way is faster than making toast!!


Because it is a step by step detailed method, it looks long, but it is fast!


Efficient Blender Hollandaise, Eggs Benedict and Asparagus

Michelle Marcotte for Lori and Friends

Here is an efficient, simplified method for making Eggs Benedict and Asparagus for Four Persons

Ingredients for Hollandaise for Four Persons:

2 large egg yolks

2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

2 shakes of Cayenne pepper

2 ½ sticks of salted or unsalted butter

(if using unsalted butter you will need ¼ tsp salt)

Ingredients for Eggs Benedict with Asparagus for Four persons:

8 eggs

8 slices Canadian (Back) bacon

4 English muffins

16 fat asparagus spears

Small amount of butter to grease the egg poacher cups


Are you only cooking for two persons? If so divide all amounts in half and I think the Hollandaise will still work.


Specialized equipment needed:


Egg poacher saucepan where the eggs are poached in small egg cups.


Method. In this order:

Fill the blender container with hot water and leave filled to pre-warm it.

Separate 2 large eggs, reserve whites for another use and leave yolks on counter to bring to room temp.

Select fat asparagus spears, wash and snap the bottoms off. Tidy up the bottoms by slicing on an angle.

Juice ½ of a lemon.

Spray Pam on egg poaching cups or place ¼ tsp of butter in the bottom of each egg cup.

Fill bottom of egg poacher saucepan with 1.5 inches of water and set to boil.

Spray a frypan with Pam or lightly coat with oil.

Place slices Canadian (Back) bacon in the frypan.

Slice English muffins.

Place 2+ ½ sticks of butter (salted or unsalted) into a 4 or 6 cup measuring cup. Place in microwave.

When water in egg poacher saucepan is boiling place 8 asparagus spears in bottom, cover with egg poacher insert and cover. Adjust temperature to simmer. Time for exactly 5 minutes.

Turn heat on high on the Canadian (Back) bacon. Cook 3 minutes. (There should be brown spots). Turn and cook 3 minutes more, then turn temperature to low.

Melt butter in microwave. It should be hot.

After 5 minutes, place one large egg in each egg poaching cup and cover. Time for exactly 3 minutes.

Empty hot water out of blender container, quickly dry with towel.

Place 2 large egg yolks in blender with 2 tablespoons lemon juice (measure exactly), and 2 shakes of cayenne pepper. Blend until thick and foamy.

Drop English muffins in toaster.

Remove the small entry hole in the blender container cover. If melted butter has cooled, reheat for 30 seconds in microwave. Drizzle hot melted butter through the hole while the blender is on. Stop when all the butter is added and the Hollandaise is as thick as mayonnaise.

Taste Hollandaise. If you have used unsalted butter you will need to add salt.

Place one half of toasted English muffins on each of four plates, top with a slice of Canadian bacon. Top with a poached egg. Place two asparagus spears on each plate. Top with a couple of generous dollops of Hollandaise (or more).

Now, as plates are being served, begin again.

Immediately drop 8 asparagus spears in the simmering water in the saucepan. Time for 5 minutes while eating the first serving!

Then add eggs to poaching cups and time for 3 minutes.

Repeat the plating procedure.

The Hollandaise will stay hot in the blender container or if there will be a delay, place it in a Thermos jug. Or stand the blender container in a big bowl of hot water.  Once cooled there is no way to re-heat Hollandaise!






I am honored to be part of the following artist's associations:


Gainesville Fine Art Association

Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters

Buffalo Niagara Arts Association

Artists in Buffalo

I am exhibiting and offering for sale, 10 paintings and Giclee Originals (archival prints on canvas, individually overpainted and varnished), at the Youngstown Public Library from September 30 - November 30.



You are invited to see my studio and my paintings (and also the woodworking shop of fine furniture builder Ken Vick) September 13 & 14, from noon till 6:00 pm both days. The location is 468 Fort Gray, Lewiston NY.  You'll be able to see my studio and my art displayed and offered for sale in my home. Nice to see where and how the artist works, and see the art in a home enviornment. 



My one woman show of paintings is opening on May 20th,  around 7:00 pm, at the Savoury and Sweet Restaurant, 3770 Bridgewater in Chippewa District, Niagara Falls. The show of my food paintings and landscapes and will be up May 20 - June 30th. I would love to see you at the opening where wine and cheese will be served.


Most of the food paintings were created at the Niagara Falls farmer's market last summer. 


I will also be offering a show special - the $85 dollar crepe dessert! You can buy a crepe dessert for $85 and get an 8"X10" framed Giclee Original of my painting of vanilla-cream stuffed blueberry crepes and maple syrup.  

The restaurant serves Eastern European food, all made on premises, and it is open for dinner Tues - Sunday. (phone 905-295-2000 for dinner reservations).


See michellemarcotte.com for preview of some of the paintings.

Hope to see you there (and bring friends)!Cheers!

If you are in Niagara Falls Ontario during the month of May, you will find a terrific group portrait exhibit at the Rosberg Gallery of the Victoria Branch of the Niagara Public Library. I am excited to be exhibiting with Emily Andrews, Karen Edwards, Marion Forget, Jason Gardiner and Tabitha Stephens. It is located on Victoria Ave, Niagara Falls just two blocks from Queen St, the Niagara Falls downtown district.

I am pleased to announce that I am now exhibiting and selling my paintings at Studio 176 Art, located at 176 N Christina in Sarnia Ontario (right down the street from the Alix). They have a selection of my paintings ranging in size from 24" x 30" to 4"x6" and priced from $400 - $55. There are many small, framed oil paintings and oil sketches suitable to make you think, and, actually, improve your life!! The small paintings are all framed and priced from $55 - $60, perfect for that special person - or yourself! They can fill that small wallspace or make a bookcase more interesting. Placed on your desk at work they give your eyes a rest. There are landscapes, florals, abstracts and, as always, lots of color to lift your spirit. 


Studio 176 Art is a bright spot, selling the works of local painters, photographers, textile artists, jewelers and potters. It is worth the drive to Sarnia and worth the detour if you are heading for the bridge to the US.