United airlines had a wonderful big idea. A contest for women artists to paint an airplane. 


Here is the script of my video and my design submission:


As an artist I look for the elements, the lines that connect us all. Land - agriculture – food - connect us. Air connects us. And water connects us. Those elements inspire me and this design.


Fly over NY state and NJ and what do you see? Fields and forests and water. Cities that grew because of water. The Atlantic coasts of NY City and its bustling islands, the beach coasts of NJ, up the Hudson to the canals that lead to the Finger Lakes of Upstate NY. And finally, the Niagara River, the roar of Niagara Falls and the Great Lakes of Western NY. One can fly the blue skies or, one can traverse from NY city to Buffalo New York by blue water.


Connection is a Big Idea. Water, its connection to life and its importance to our region deserves a big platform – a United airplane platform.


This design starts with the Great Lakes and Niagara in United Blue. On large scale, Niagara Falls should be white. And that small bit of Canada shown near the nose is in Pantone Cool Gray. I’ve used Premium Purple to follow the canals to the Finger Lakes tracing up to Lake Champlain and down the Hudson River. You will find the land of NY, Long Island and the New Jersey coasts in Pacific Blue. The deep Atlantic is Atlantic Amethyst, and a thin line of Sky Blue runs along the top of the plane. Each component is emphasized with a crisp black line.


I’m Michelle Marcotte, an artist in Lewiston NY, along the Niagara River. I’m an exhibiting member of the Buffalo Society of Artists and the Buffalo Niagara Art Association. I paint land, agriculture, food and water. And in doing so, I paint life.

Women are 51% of all artists but we are under-represented in museums and collections. Women artists need art collectors to look up, way up and see that women hold up half the sky.    


Thank you.

Hello Everyone, Having fun getting ready for the holidays? Completely ready? Gifts selected, greeting cards ready to mail?? NO! Well, neither am I. But I have a plan and want to suggest one for you too.

My fine art website (www.michellemarcotte.com) has lots of colorful and meaningful paintings to spark your decor. Take a look; if you think you would like to see how a painting might look on your walls, email me and I will happily arrange to bring that painting and a couple others to your home or office and let you try them out. 

The still-in-print bilingual (English-French) children's book "ABC Vegetables - Abecedaire des legumes" written by me and Joel Beddows and with my illustrations is available from its publisher www.greyborders.com . 

I'd be happy to have you enjoy one of my creations, but I also wanted to give you my annual or semi-annual art update in case you haven't heard from me in a while. I have had a productive year painting about life and family through the foods that define our lives. Sometimes warm, sometimes humorous and sometimes symbolic or surreal these are great paintings for your kitchen or dining room or food-related business. Just like a great dish provides layers of flavors, there are layers of meanings in my paintings. Just take a look at www.michellemarcotte.com

This year I had a successful and fun one-woman show of many of my food paintings at Wine on Third restaurant in Niagara Falls NY. My food paintings looked terrific in that location of luscious wines, tapas and great bistro food.

I exhibited paintings in several shows of the Buffalo Society of Artists, the Buffalo Niagara Art Association and the Gainesville (Florida) Fine Art Association. In fact, the Gainesville Fine Art Association has included five of my paintings in their winter showcase and I have really marked great prices on those paintings. They are located on South Main in Gainesville Florida. The GFAA winter showcase exhibits  many excellent painters, wood turners, potters and sculptors; you are sure to find something at an excellent price.

In the spring I helped organize the Archer Florida Historical Society paint out where I and several other artists sold paintings of the historical buildings in the small town near where I live. It was a fun small town event with music and art, including the art of the local elementary school kids. 

I am now the gallery manager of the Good Eats Cafe gallery in downtown Ottawa Canada (473 Albert St). The program gives artists an inexpensive opportunity to exhibit in a hip, downtown cafe. I mentor and approve the artists, get them ready to exhibit and plan the schedule; the artists hang and market their own work. Exhibits change monthly. The location is excellent and the food at Good Eats is great, so in just a few months of organizing we are booked until late 2019.  If you have the time to hang and remove an exhibit of your work in Ottawa Canada at a great location, email me with your website. 

My greeting cards seem to be finding a happy audience. They are now sold at the Spice Harbor in Lewiston NY, Glitzy Jools and Antiques in Port Dalhousie (St. Catharines) Ontario and the Colden Market in Colden NY (near Orchard Park NY). My retailers get a kick out of seeing their customers laugh at my useful and amusing greeting cards. And in these trying times I am happy to give people something to laugh at! You can find them at those retailers and at www.sayitwithvegetables.com. Take a look at my inclusive holiday greeting card too. It is THE greeting card you can send to everyone on your list, or just send it to the persons who would appreciate a holiday greeting that includes their holiday greeting, as well as Merry Christmas.  You can order 10 inclusive holiday greeting cards for $20 or hand-painted, dishwasher safe wine and prosecco glasses from www.sayitwithvegetables.com or directly by sending me an email to marcotteconsulting@gmail.com.

And I am going to have a terrific year in 2019 working with the Casellani Art Museum in Lewiston NY on the grounds of Niagara University as I coordinate their "2020 Vision -- Women Artists of Western NY" art exhibit planned for February - June 2020. A huge task, a never-been-done-before exhibit concept for our region and I am so excited to be working with the Castellani director, curator and staff on this show.

So, I truly wish you a wonderful holiday season, a great, kicking New Year and most of all, the love of family, food and life in general! I would love to hear from you. 

Michelle Marcotte 
"Fatherhood" by Michelle Marcotte. Oil on canvas. !6" x 16" . Priced on www.michellemarcotte.com
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Hello, Niagara Falls in September! Perfect time to visit, fewer tourists, perfect views of Niagara Falls, new spaces at the NF State Park to see, some fall colors, better weather ------ AND I am having a one-woman show of my food paintings at a terrific wine bar and restaurant downtown. 


Come for the opening or closing parties on September 2 or September 30th from 6:00 - 9:00 or drop in during the month. 


Terrific food on the walls and in the restaurant. Come and see how people and family and life in general can be described through the food we prepare and enjoy.


Hope to see you there!



Lewiston in Western NY (just across the Niagara River from Canada), and its restaurants, wineries, local breweries -- and a couple of us artists and artisans who work in the context of food and wine -- will be involved in the quite swanky Taste of Lewiston May 26th from 10:00 am - 8:00 pm. 


Come and visit me to see my hand painted wine glasses, my greeting cards with food illustrations (and quirky but useful messages), and of course, my so-colorful paintings that use food to spark conversations and memories about life and family. 

Today I am excited that Artist Run Website has published a blog post about my paintings. You can find it at http://www.artistrunwebsite.com/blog/2495/The+Simple+Things+in+Life%3A+Art+by+Michelle+Marcotte


It is always interesting to hear what people have to say about my work. I would love to hear from you too! 




I am having a holiday sale by lowering the price on virtually all paintings by $100 - $200 and sometimes more! If you have had an eye on a painting, now is the time to buy! I have won two awards in juried shows this year, and my works are now being exhibited in Gainesville galleries as well as in Western New York. So, prices are bound to increase in the future.

Oh I have been having fun! After putting my wine glass down just one too many times at parties and then not being able to find it, or finding my lovely sister drinking what suspiciously looked like my wine glass, I have designed and handpainted several unique personal party wine glasses. They are dowright pretty! Loosely representing roses, crocus, lilies, iris, tulips and some that you just might have to figure out yourself. Colorful, dishwasher safe, non-toxic and fired using a professional quality ceramic enamel.


I also painted 12 champagne/prosecco glasses with a more complex design of a bunch of grapes outlined in gold vermeil, and beautifully painted in an impressionistic style. 


Also on www.sayitwithvegetables.com  you will find my greeting cards including my new religiously and culturally inclusive greeting card for the holidays (all the holidays!).



The following article by Michelle Marcotte was published by the Buffalo News on June 30, 2017



Buffalo News reporter Mark Sommer (June 10) reporting on the Allentown Art Festival. made a pithy observation when he wrote, “Yes, tens of thousands look at art in the hundreds of booths that line several streets. And they buy food from vendors.” True and True.


Artists, whose work does not usually provide enough income to live on, or even to pay for their art supplies, pay hundreds of dollars, each, to set up a booth at any of the several art festivals in Western New York. It is a lot of work to bring your paintings, photography, pottery, sculpture or jewelry, set up the booth and then, with hope in your heart, just watch people walk by, barely taking the time to look at your work, and rarely buying anything other than food. Fine artists, with more expensive works, very rarely, often never, sell anything. We offer a range of small things such as cards, calendars or plaques hoping to cover some expenses.


People flock to art festivals as a free, fun thing to do on the weekend. And the sales tell the story. People buy food from the many food vendors who do pay higher fees than the artists to be there. But artists, who actually provide the reason for the art festival, often sell very little art. I believe most of the artists do not sell enough to cover the cost of the booth space.


Essentially, artists are paying a hefty and increasing price to provide free entertainment for the public. We cannot afford to keep doing so. Festival organizers have used the funds to grow big organizations and to pay for other cultural events. Local businesses profit. People have a fun, free event. But artists, pay for it.  


Festival organizations that continue to increase costs for artists, without examining the effect on artists, without considering profit sharing, without considering even asking the tens of thousands of visitors for an entrance fee or donation, should realize they have built an unsustainable house of cards on the backs of artists. Arguing that some of the booth fees go to cash awards to a small handful of artists is not persuasive. The cash awards are often awarded to the same artists, and often to that cadre of professional out-of-town, travelling, art-festival artists. Again, these artist cash awards are taken from artists, those who can least afford it.  


Festival attendees who do not contribute towards the costs of the festival and who do not buy art from local artists should realize their free entertainment is not sustainable.


Artists are stuck. We need to sell our work. Art museums have no budgets, and sometimes no inclination, to buy the work of local artists. Grants, are few and far between and usually offer less than $3000 for a year’s work. Artists are supposed to be grateful for the ‘exposure’ of being in an art festival, but ‘exposure’ only pays the bills in very few, very shady, professions!


So here is what I suggest: festival organizers need to cut booth rentals for artists by half. Yes, this will mean less money for your organization, and this reduces the funds available for other culture events, but you have built your organization on an unsustainable premise. Approach government and local businesses to increase their sponsorship. Raise the rates for food vendors. Charge people $1-$2 per person to attend. Allow artists to share booths to further decrease their costs.


Visitors, you should contribute to the costs by paying an admission fee; even $1-$2 per person would help ensure festivals, and the artists who make it all possible, survive. And for heaven’s sake, buy art from local artists! Buy your paintings, pottery, garden sculpture, photographs, jewelry, gifts, etc., for your home, office and family from local artists. If that isn’t possible, buy their cards, calendars or whatever.   


Government funding organizations, should gather data on sales made by artists at the festivals to evaluate and report on the festivals to help improve artists’ incomes. Data about the economic spin festivals provide local communities is also needed. Don’t keep funding festivals that continue to raise rates for artists without making the fundamental business changes that will ensure sustainability for artists.


Michelle Marcotte is an artist in Lewiston. See her work at www.michellemarcotte.com